15K fun run

15k (15.0km / 365M Elevation)

Aid Stations / Cut-offs

NIKKEI – 6km
FINISH (CUT OFF 3 hours)

Recommended Gear

  • Hydration pack or handheld water bottles capable of holding a minimum of 0.5 litres
  • Hat to protect you from the sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balmĀ 
  • Cell phone, fully charged with the Trailforks or other navigation app

Course Description

The 15k course is fun, fast, and full of glorious singletrack.

You will leave from Village Park and be treated to a nice easy start along the gravel Colliery Line trail. From here, the trail starts ascending on a forested doubletrack to get the blood pumping! Take a singletrack cruise on trails like Spanker, Lost Toque, and Middle Crafty Butcher until you reach Double Track Connector (Branch 69).

You are roughly 5 kilometers in when you reach the tranquil singletrack of Amore and Blue Collar. We are guessing your legs are warmed up now? Good, you will have some more climbing to do it a bit! But first, refresh and recharge at the aid station located a few hundred meters before kilometer 6 of the course. 

The course continues on A Rock and a Hard Place, Amore and the idyllic downhill gradient of THC. We often go to sleep dreaming of this flowy, smooth section of singletrack. This section is also a great opportunity to mentally prepare for the Red Tape Trail which features over one kilometer of uphill switchbacks to reach the summit of Nikkei Mountain. The views of the Beaufort mountain range and the valley below make it all worth it. 

Time to descend! Rhizome is a nice stretch of downhill singletrack trail where you can pick up serious speed and connects nicely on to the fittingly named Banzai Express Lane. We like the 50:1 trail section so much we included upper 50:1, Middle 50:1 and lower 50:1 to bring you closer to the finish line. Middle 50:1 has a gradual incline but we doubt you will even notice it because you will be visualizing crossing the finish line to the sound of cheers and the taste of future beers. 

The last section is an easy to rip access road which brings you back to Village Park for a sprint finish across the grass field to the finish line!