full send 50K

50k (51.5km / 1800M Elevation)

Aid Stations / Cut-offs

1 – POTLUCK 10km (Cut-off 3.00 hours) 
2 – HAMILTON LAKE 16km (Cut-off 4.50 hours)
3 – QUESO 21km 
(Cut-off 5.5 hours)  *Bag Drop  
(Cut-off 7.50 hours)
5 – NIKKEI 42km 
(Cut-off 9.00 hours)
6 – FINISH 51.5km (Cut-off 11.00 hours)

Bag Drops

Drop bags are to be dropped off by you, on race morning, at the dedicated drop area (shown on map 1). 50km racers are permitted to drop one drop bag which will be transported to the QUESO aid station. 

Drop bags must be dropped off prior to the start of the race.

Drop bags will be returned to the finishing area once the event is complete.

Mandatory/Recommended Gear

Mandatory Gear

  • Hydration pack or handheld water bottles capable of holding a minimum of 1.0 litres

Recommended Gear

  • Hydration pack or handheld water bottles are capable of holding a minimum of 1.5 litres
  • Hat to protect you from the sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm 
  • Cell phone, fully charged with the Trailforks or other navigation app

Course Description

The 50k is a challenging course that features some of the best running trails in the Cumberland Trail Network and includes: 

  • A combination of buttery smooth and flowy singletrack with a sprinkle of technical sections to keep you on your toes
  • Calf aching climbs
  • Quad crushing descents 
  • A few sections of logging roads to visit one of our aid stations to fuel your body for the next epic section of singletrack  
  • A sightseeing tour including breathtaking vistas, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and mature Coastal Douglas Fir 

You will leave from Village Park and be treated to a nice easy start along the gravel Colliery Line trail. From here, the trail starts ascending on a forested doubletrack to get the blood pumping! Take a singletrack cruise on trails like Spanker, Lost Toque and Middle Crafty Butcher until you reach Double Track Connector (Branch 69). 

You are roughly 5 kilometres in when you reach the tranquil singletrack of Amore and Blue Collar. We are guessing your legs are warmed up by now? Good, you have more climbing to do! The course continues on Teapot and Upper Climax which both offer beautiful views of the mainland mountain ranges on a clear day. Your first aid stations will be located on Trent River Main at approximately km 10. 

A section of logging road gives you an opportunity to open up that stride a bit again before you make your way up Race Rocks which has a nice mix of rocky and flowy singletrack. Time to treat yourself to 2 kilometres of descending on the incredibly fun-to-run Furtherburger which brings you to Hamilton Lake aid station.

Sneak a peek at Hamilton Lake and prepare yourself for nearly 3 kilometres of technical, steep, downhill singletrack on Chunder and Prohibition. Congratulations you are basically at the same elevation you started the race at when you reach the next aid station. This aid station also serves as the bag drop location and all 50k racers must reach this cut-off in 5.5 hours or they will unfortunately not be permitted to continue the race. 

Stock up on supplies as you have some more climbing to do! The Queso trails offer beautiful views of Comox Lake and the surrounding area. Maybe stop and take a selfie? Don’t forget to say Queso! As you gain elevation you will start to see the Beaufort mountain range and the treed valley below. Did we mention this course is beautiful? When you reach the top of Queso you can visit the Hamilton Lake aid station again. 

Continue uphill (which is the right way) on the double-track trail Wrong Way until you intersect with Lighthouse Way and descend until you connect to the Trent River Canyon Trail. The Trent Canyon Trail meanders above at first, and later parallel to the Trent River for roughly 5 kilometers of undulating singletrack. Depending on water levels, you might even get to see a couple of waterfalls on the way. 

You will reconnect with the Trent River Main again at about km 45.5 and cruise some logging roads up to A Rock and a Hard Place. You will be treated to some more rolling singletrack through this section. We suggest using this time to mentally prepare for the upcoming switchback ascent up Nikkei Mountain at km 48. The top of Nikkei offers beautiful views or the Beaufort mountain range and valley below. Time to descend (well mostly) to the finish! 

You will be on Banzai Express Lane at kilometre 50 and you can give yourself a pat on the back at this point as you have successfully completed a 50k! HOWEVER, this course is so nice we didn’t want to cheat you of spending more time on the trails so we added a few extra kilometres. We’ve included Upper 50:1, Middle 50:1 and Lower 50:1 trails to bring you down to the final stretch. One last kick on a nice access road, and through the grass field at Village Park will bring you to the finish line!